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What's happening at Southwest?

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Since Herb's passing, there have been an increasing number of issues with the customer service on Southwest's flights.  I have loved this airline and its team since working with Herb on a customer service video.  I am confused and frustrated with what I believe are lapses in Herb's predilection for the highest quality in treatment of your passengers.  What is going on?  This latest story of a flight attendant's perceived control issues regarding a glass of vodka is ridiculous.  Did she really need to remove a paying customer who was doing no wrong from his flight?


Please, someone needs to bring Herb's demand for excellent customer service back into play.  This is getting ridiculous.


Katheryn Edwards



Re: What's happening at Southwest?

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I saw this story as well & there must to be more to it.  Southwest's "We will share this report with our Customer Relations Team" response was beyond useless.  That's all you have to say after you have a bunch of deputies pull a passenger off your plane for commenting on a flight delay?  I had to go back & look, double check they were talking about Southwest and not United.

Re: What's happening at Southwest?

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Horror stories about airline treatment of customers abound these days, but the Southwest Sacramento to Austin "vodkagate" episode sets a new low. I know there are at least two sides to every story, but reports of this incident are too consistent to believe there was any defensible reason for the gross overraction of the flight attendant. Southwest has been known for its sense of humor, but I guess humor is limited to the crew--when they feel humorous. When they don't, no passenger is safe. Unless and until Southwest publicly announces the dismissal of the flight attendant who embarassed this man and others by forcing them off the flight, I will not fly Southwest again.

Re: What's happening at Southwest?

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I fly Southwest very much, but in this story where a man got kicked off for making a joke about water not being Vodka, really irates me.  This could of easily been me, it was a Joke!!  I hope to see an apology from Southwest on this soon, or you have lost a customer in me, seriously.  I travel a lot, and I hope that after 4 hour delay, you can make a funny comment and not get kicked off...I am so upset at Southwest for this story, the airline I always defended and now you do this.


Alvaro Lopez

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Re: What's happening at Southwest?

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@Ivanhoe10 wrote:

...This could of easily been me, it was a Joke!!  I hope to see an apology from Southwest on this soon, or you have lost a customer in me, seriously....


I don't think you will see that, since the passenger may be having a grievance against the airline they won't be able to comment on the situation.


Hopefully the passenger was re-accomodated quickly and given some LUV to make up for the situation if the fact-finding back at the terminal warranted it.



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