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Re: Why do people fly southwest?

Aviator C

4 bags for two people,  round trip,  can easily cost $320 on most airlines.   That's more than the entire cost of most of my SWA flights.   So there's that. 


If you're one of the curiosities who brings an oversized bag onto the plane and blocks the aisle trying to cram it into the overhead bin... yeah,  we'd prefer you fly another airline and "save" money. 

Re: Why do people fly southwest?

Aviator A

@keasbey wrote:

How long will my 3.5 hour flight be today ? Probably near 6 hours. Feel bad for the people on my flight who think they are actually connecting to Baltimore 

Why are you even flying Southwest again, on your credit card with "unlimited" funds? Give me a break. Go complain to your elite pals, and the rest of us will enjoy Southwest and all the benefits they offer. 



Re: Why do people fly southwest?

Frequent Flyer A

I fly Southwest because, for the most part, everyone is happy. Employees, passengers, people are generally happy. United and American? Everyone appears to be miserable whenever I fly them.

Re: Why do people fly southwest?

Explorer A

We switched from Delta to Southwest years ago when we needed flexible cancellation policies and I accumulated Southwest points. Points are fully refundable when plans change. 


In 2019 my husband and I both earned companion passes that have been good for all of 2019, 2020, and 2021. 


When things went extra wrong with our flights in June, Southwest gave LUV vouchers even to the two members of our party traveling on companion passes. 


Pretty good airlines if you ask me.

Re: Why do people fly southwest?

Adventurer A

I’ve been flying Southwest 2-3x a week for several years now—I’ve been meaning to finally join this messageboard I’ve lurked for so long, so thanks, as it’s a good question.


When I first took a field job, I primarily chose Southwest because of the frequency of service to my two prime stops, Albuquerque and New Orleans (but I handle Portland OR to San Juan PR, and can/do use SWA to get to all those locales).


In the intervening years, the reasons have changed:


1. The Companion Pass, one of the better if not best reward of all the domestic airlines—my wife flies for free with me and we use the heck out of it with no restrictions.

2. The customer service. On the phone and at the gate and on the plane and on social media, I’ve always had good, usually very good, responsive experiences with staff.

3. Open seating. As I most often book less than a week before flying, I love that I’m not stuck picking the best of a bunch of middle seats.


Now, those are my main reasons, they might not work for others, just as others’ reasons reasons might not be best for me (like, I very very rarely check a bag, but I like knowing I can for free if I choose).


And I’m not saying they are perfect, not hardly. They had a pretty rough early summer, as poor COVID business decisions SWA made and outside tech issues and the severe weather created a perfect storm of problems that pax had to suffer through (and I did). I’ve done my share of complaining to Southwest staff for sure.


But for the vast majority of the time, before and since, they get me there on time (or early) and most importantly, safely (their top track record on that is important to me, too). I’m a happy customer, which is more than I can say for, say, my rental car companies.


Now, if you don’t like them, fine, whatever, but no one here can do anything about it (or even care, to be frank)—it’s a messageboard for pax to share info and opinions amongst themselves.


Good luck/Godspeed.