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Re: Why is there no alcohol

Aviator C

I do agree it's a silly policy after a year,  but then... so is still requiring masks for vaccinated people.   But at least the tone of demanding masks be over your nose every second seems to have subsided. 


Just flew Emirates around the world and they served plenty of drinks and food.   


And let's just say,  if you're not able to have a drink on a flight,  you're not trying very hard. 

Re: Why is there no alcohol

Frequent Flyer A

@gsking Emirates is awesome. I flew first class (upgrade from J) with them 2 years ago, right before everything went to pot. I took a shower on the plane. It was incredible. 

Re: Why is there no alcohol

Frequent Flyer B

"But for what it's worth, I don't think *any* airline is serving alcohol at this time..."


Small correction:

I just enjoyed a delightful Woodford bourbon in FC on a late night flight on Alaska (my second favorite airline 😉).  In fact, I believe they were serving alcohol throughout the Main Cabin.


That being said, I don't choose my flights based on alcohol service.

Re: Why is there no alcohol

Frequent Flyer A

Good point who makes flight decisions based on the availability of alcohol on a flight in 2021? Not this guy, but to each's own

Re: Why is there no alcohol

Aviator C

Flew first with American last week. Adult beverages are still being offered. No food however. 

SWA Passenger, Community Champion

Re: Why is there no alcohol

Explorer B

United served alcohol on our flight from Houston to KC last week. Good question.

Re: Why is there no alcohol

Explorer C

So, I fly between Delta and Southwest depending on where I'm flying and if I have to make any stops.  Delta has been serving alcohol for a few months now.  I can't figure out Southwest's stand on this.  Do they have too many drink coupons out there and they're afraid it will cost them too much money?  They're still paying the flight attendants the same amount, but the customers are getting less service and bang for their buck!

Time to join the real world Mr. CEO!

I'm sure when alcohol sales come back to Southwest, Ticket prices will increase so there are less passengers with drink coupons.

Re: Why is there no alcohol

Aviator A

SW's stated policy is that as long as there is a mask mandate, service will consist of no more than 4 different drinks  plus coffee.


Why? To minimize flight attendant  potential exposure to Covid.