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WiFi / Microsoft Teams Messaging / Hawaii

Explorer C

Has anyone been able to use Microsoft Teams as an instant messenger during their flight on the Southwest WiFi? Was hoping to work from home during our long flight to Hawaii. Not planning to use Teams as a video or phone service (as Southwest says it is blocked), just the instant messaging feature. 


Also, has anyone experienced the WiFi service on a flight across that Pacific? Do you still maintain WiFi connection away from the mainland?




Re: WiFi / Microsoft Teams Messaging / Hawaii

Aviator A

The generic answer is yes, WiFi should work enroute to Hawaii just like it should also work from Denver to Las Vegas, but things happen and it's possible it doesn't work or isn't available.  Regarding the specific question about Teams you may be in a situation where you won't know until you try.  With that in mind I would suggest having a backup plan that is advertised to work as long as WiFi is available, using iMessage or WhatsApp for instant messaging.



Re: WiFi / Microsoft Teams Messaging / Hawaii

Frequent Flyer A

As long as you're just texting via Teams, it will work, similar to how it does for Slack. You will need to buy WiFi, though. Also, any video calls will not work.

Community Champion | PHL based | ex-Companion Pass Holder | Southwest Passenger

Re: WiFi / Microsoft Teams Messaging / Hawaii

Explorer C

I’ll be flying this week and will try using Slack. Hope it works! Will provide an update… stay tuned.