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WiFi a waste of money; can’t work on flight

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3:30 flight from Denver to Boston. Wasted $16 purchasing inflight Wifi on two devices, and only receive emails. Can’t send. Not everyone is on vacation. Thanks for destroying my deadlines. 


Lots of error messages “can’t verify server identity” from gmail, outlook. Tried webmail, regular email software…all backup tricks. 




Patricia B Smith

Denver, Colorado



Re: WiFi a waste of money; can’t work on flight

Top Contributor

Southwest's wifi is spotty. This is primarily a customer-to-customer forum. If you reach out to Southwest directly (I recommend via Twitter or Facebook direct message) you'll eventually receive a reply and a refund of the fees you paid.


Contact Customer Relations 

Re: WiFi a waste of money; can’t work on flight

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Your error indicates the connection was working, but there were other problems. I don't think Southwest is to blame for this one. Despite that, you could Contact Customer Relations and request a refund.



Re: WiFi a waste of money; can’t work on flight

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"Thanks for destroying my deadlines" 😂


Come on. No one believes that your deadlines occurred while you were in mid-air and you didn't talk to your boss / supervisor / etc. about this beforehand - or better yet - you could have gotten your work done before you left the ground!


That aside, Southwest WiFi is generally spotty and slow, but assuming you paid for it and were properly connected (you have to open a browser first to properly connect, like you do on most public WiFi hot spots) your e-mail and whatnot should be working. But I'd be careful what you send over a pubic network. 



Re: WiFi a waste of money; can’t work on flight

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Definitely don't count on any VPN. I've usually gotten wifi to work for light browsing and email.


Sit towards the front of the plane, the wifi seems spottier towards the back.


Bring a USB or download key files to your computer if you're counting on getting some work done though.




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