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Re: WiFi access denied.

Aviator A

Not sure if this is related or not, but I also had trouble logging into my account on the past few flights. I'm not A-list preferrred, but if the login process is the same to provide the authentification then I also have had an error where using the airborne wifi I couldn't access my account.


I could browse other parts of the website, but not the account information or making bookings.

Home airport MDW, frequent visitor to MCO to see the mouse.

Re: WiFi access denied.

Explorer C

Thanks for your suggestion, but the issue that I am encountering is using the wifi to be able to send emails. It is an issue that has surfaced a few months ago and specifically affects "A" list preferred users who should be able to access the internet at no charge.

Re: WiFi access denied.

Explorer A

Yes, the acct feature has been broken for many months.  Don’t plan on booking or changing any flights while flying...


i did get one of 4 flights yesterday to connect by ‘tricking’ the system ... A list preferred. ...try this 


while on the ground / connecting flights, from a non SWA url... / hotspot use the ‘get-connected’ url to enter your ‘free- connect-login’ (as you would do during flight).  Until SWA IT locks us out of this fix.   ....   I spend much of my SWA ‘online time’ trying to get their stuff to work.  Just as silly as the $8 pay-for-internet not being able to capture the same payment info as booking a $500 ticket....

Re: WiFi access denied.

Explorer C

The same happened to me yesterday also from Albuquerque to Dallas.