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WiFi during flight

Explorer C

WiFi works for about 25 minute intervals, then it’s non-working for anywhere from 5 to 40 minutes. This has happened literally every flight I’ve ever had here.


Re: WiFi during flight

Aviator A

Unfortunately, complaints about the inadequacy of SW's wifi service are very common.


Hope the airline does something about it.

Re: WiFi during flight

Aviator A

If I paid for wifi and had troubles then I'd get in touch with Southwest to request a refund.  Twitter is probably the fastest way to get a response, the "Contact Us" link at the bottom of the page has contact options.

Customer | Home airport DCA

Re: WiFi during flight

Aviator A

I've noticed that if you have your phone set to 'lock' after x minutes, the Wi-Fi does not stay connected and you have to reconnect when you unlock your phone again. Seems logical though - if your phone remains active, your Wi-Fi connection remains intact.