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Wifi Refund

Explorer C



I just bought $8 wifi on my mobile device (iphone) and did not know that it would not also transfer to my laptop. I need the wifi because I will be working on my flights today. 


My cellular plan does not include a personal hotspot, so I cannot use the wifi I paid for on my laptop. 


Can I please receive a refund for the wifi purchase so I can purchase it again on my laptop?




Thank you,



Re: Wifi Refund

Aviator A

Since this is a customer forum, your request here will do no good.


You should make your request to Customer Service. Click on contact us (below) for ways to do that. 

Re: Wifi Refund

Aviator A

You bought a product it works because your using it now and you want a refund. I'm guessing that request won't be granted but you can try. 


Unfortunately as you discovered WiFi is only good on the device's you buy it on. 



Re: Wifi Refund

Adventurer B

@aubreybaileyI honestly have no idea why Southwest would refund your money unless WiFi didn't work on you iPhone. Southwest has no control of the fact that you don't have a hotspot to work with you's only $8....I've made much bigger financial mistakes! 🙂


Fly safe!