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Wifi concerns

New Arrival

Hello. My first post. I fly almost every week and recently noticed a trend with wifi issues. I asked other frequent flyers if they have seen similar issues and they all confirmed outages, and intermittent service. I have to login repeatedly during a flight, or there is just NO service. It is imperative that I have visibility to email when I fly for business. What is happening? Is there any sign of relief coming? If the trend continues I have to consider alternative options. 


Re: Wifi concerns

Top Contributor



A lot of us feel your pain and agree at times the WiFi is hit and miss. I know they are working on improving the WiFi although I'm not sure when it will be fixed to an occasional issue (technology isn't perfect) the best thing to do is let Southwest know personally so they can document it. 


In the meantime while I can't make up for the lack of internet lately if you DM me I can get you a little something for your next flight and hopefully it will make up for some the WiFi issues lately. To DM just click on my picture next to my message here and you should see a button to send me a message. 


Hope this helps