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Wifi - just me

Explorer C

I've been flying Southwest exclusively for the last 4 years. The last 10 trips of so my wifi hasn't worked reliably, specifically the free WiFi. 


Right now I'm waiting to taxi, three people around me are connected, one being my partner who has the same phone as me. I watched them all connect, but for some reason I can't. 




Re: Wifi - just me

Aviator C

Have you tried turning your phone off then on? Turn airplane mode off then on?  If others around you are connected, it’s your phone not the WiFi. 

SWA Passenger, Community Champion

Re: Wifi - just me

Explorer C

I have been an A-List Preferred member for thw last 4 consecutive years and lately it seems that everytime I fly on a newer aircraft, the Wi Fi seldom works. Being a business flyer on Southwest, I generally like to spend the time inflight catching up my reports and emails. What is SWA doing about rectifing this situation?

Re: Wifi - just me


We're constantly working with our provider to improve the quality of our inflight WiFi offering, and we're sorry to learn it hasn't been working for you. As a peer-to-peer support forum, we aren't equipped to look into your specific flights. That said, we encourage you to reach out via the options in the link below. 


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