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New Arrival

New to flying esp with using wifi. How to access while in flight and can you use your cell phone and if so how ?  Thanks


Re: Wifi/phone

Top Contributor

So first you would put your phone in airplane mode. Once in airplane mode turn on your Wi-Fi and select the Southwest WiFi. You should be redirected to the Southwest entertainment portal or it might redirect you to a place to copy a link which you can paste in to a web browser. 


***If you want to watch free movies on the plane you will need to have the Southwest mobile app on your phone (be sure you download before you fly)***


If you want to connect to the internet you can do that from the entertainment portal for $8 for an all day pass (yep $8 gets you all flights including connections for that day)


You can learn more Here and Here 


*southwest planes don't have charging plugs so I would bring a power bank or 2 as your phone can die quickly using the movies or WiFi.