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Wonderful service

New Arrival

My name is James, I aboard flight WN 2373 on August 16th 2019 boarding my flight at 2:45pm from AUS heading to ATL with the transfer to Nashville. I met this wonderful flight attendant who are named I cannot remember but she was quite wonderful excellent service. I would really love to reach out to her because the guidance she gave me and what said to me I have put into my life. I meant to give her my business card that I had in my hand but I so forgot and got off the flight. I haven't forgot that day and thank u for everything. AGAIN I would really love to see you again to give you an appreciation gift. Thank you southwest


Re: Wonderful service

Rising Star

@Anewlife19 It is awesome to hear that a SW employee made such a profound impact to your life!  Since this is a customer forum, your best bet would be to reach out to SW directly.  I am confident they will not be able to share the employees info with you, but they might can get your communciation to her somehow.  Use the contact us link below!


Also, you might remove your e-mail address from your original post to protect your privacy.


Good luck!

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