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if pilot turns 66 on day of late flight

Frequent Flyer B

thank you


Re: if pilot turns 66 on day of late flight

Aviator A

I believe mandatory retirement age for pilots is 65. That seems to indicate retirement would occur before turning 65, but perhaps it could be during the year of being 65, not after. 



Re: if pilot turns 66 on day of late flight

Adventurer B

As a side note, there is no reason the mandatory retirement age couldn't be extended to 67, which would relieve some of the pilot shortage issues. Sure, there would have to be some guidelines, like the pilot over 65 and under 67 would have to act in the capacity of co-pilot (right seat), though their responsibilities could include both PF and PM. And the captain would have to be at a younger age, say under 50. Both pilots are already required to pass an FAA Class I physical (which ensures that the over-65 pilots are still healthy). The transportation secretary's blanket refusal to consider this shows a lack of understanding of the aviation industry. I'm a Gulfstream ATP myself and I know many Airline Pilots between 65 and 67 who are in excellent health condition and would gladly continue flying under these conditions.    

- Will (where there's a will there's a way)