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inflight supplied air mask

New Arrival

why can't a supplied air system be installed similar to the oxygen system so that I can have my own mask for the flight duration? This would allow you to fill the plane and put many people at ease.


Re: inI would inmagine that your suggestyion is cost prohiflight supplied air mask

Top Contributor

I would imagine that your suggestion is cost prohibitive.


1) The cost of a system X 750 - the number of planes flown by SW


2) The cost of installing a system - taking planes out of service to rip apart the interior

and put the new system in - again times 750 planes.


3) The cost of maintaining the system - thoroughly cleaning between 143 and 175 masks between every flight (remember the mask you might be wearing was worn by someone else minutes ago).


4) The weight of the system would reduce the capacity of the plane for passengers and cargo.


Besides the airlines do a good job of filtering and refreshing air - thus minimizing the risk.


I am not aware of a single documented case of someone getting the virus as a result of breathing on a plane. Do you know of any?

Re: inflight supplied air mask

Rising Star

Sorry, I'm for not having full flights.  I know this goes against the thought of SW and their bottom line too, but thank you SW for thinking of me.