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Re: no mask enforcement on a packed flight

New Arrival

If you have a problem then stay home. Stop trying to control everyone else. The mask rules are completely illogical and do not help at all. And Covid is not what the media has made it out to be.  You can choose to suffocate yourself all you want. But forcing others to live a whacked out existance doesnt make any sense. 


Re: no mask enforcement on a packed flight

Rising Star

This is such an old post and was generated when times were so uncertain and the complaint would actually be coming from me.  Although I'm on record in this forum that I want mask enforcement to continue, however, no longer at the expense of somebody getting into a heated argument or assulted.  Much like road rage, I'm still prone to give a suggestive finger gesture, but much less than in the past...I've tried to grow out of that childish behavior.   This is a bit apples and oranges, but still the same.  If you get the gesture from me, it's because your action just caused possible harm or injury to me or somebody else, the same with masks. Since the trend is down, but still out there, stay safe, but know that the FA are fatigued as well on this issue.  It is their job to try to enforce the mask, but what the heck, even I take previously bought coffee into a restaurant that I am eating at when there is a sign, no outside food or drinks, I'm not perfect either.