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passenger change

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What is this airlines coming to I dont fly alot and most definitely wont use south west again as someone in our party of 4 has to have unexpected surgery and cant fly so I was hoping to change the passenger going with us I mean its just a 5 second procedure its not like the airlines is out any money and they wont do it......southwest could care less about medical emergency Im finding out they are just making it harder on us.....Oh and I tried to change the name of passenger a month in advance 


Re: passenger change

Top Contributor

I hate to break it to you, but no airline will do a name change and transfer a non-refundable ticket from one person to another. 


You will need to cancel the original passenger and book a flight for the new passenger.  You will then have a year from the original date of purchase for the original passenger to use the credit from the cancelled flight.