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unruly passenger

Explorer C

On flight #2340 from RSW to BWI on 3/30/23 my Husband and I experienced one of the most disturbing flights ever .  Along with Many passengers we had to endure a few drunk women sitting behind us.  One of them harassed a man sitting next to be almost the whole flight .  And then she became extremely aggressive verbally and even started screaming at whoever looked her way. Called my husband and my myself nasty names .  
Now the reason I am putting this in writing and complaining is that not one of your flight attendants came to try to calm and quiet this woman and get this woman in control .  Towards the end it actually became frightening.  
I hope that you will take this seriously, because if the flight had been any long who knows what she would have been capable of doing. 
As I was exiting the plane I mentioned this to the flight attendants in the cockpit area of the plane.
I hope to hear a response from someone in Southwest airline.

Thank you,


Re: unruly passenger

Aviator A

@hopehillfarm wrote:



1) Did you hit the  flight attendant call button to  call a flight attendant and register a complaint?


It is possible the crew was unaware of the situation.


2) This is a customer forum. You won't get a formal response from the airline here. Click on Contact us below to file your complaint with the airline.

Re: unruly passenger

Aviator C

You should have made the flight crew aware of the situation.  They would have run interference on the situation and if it wasn't controlled, the individuals would have been arrested when you landed.


I have been on flights before were there was a "ruckus" and when the plane landed, the local police entered the plane and escorted people off.  

Re: unruly passenger

Aviator A

You waited until you exited the plane to report the issue? At that point what would you expect the FA to do? 

was it a full flight? If not did you not try moving seats? 

if you are in fear of calling the FA inflight just take a walk to the back and talk to the FA in the back and they can take action