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want to find out if future flight is crowded

New Arrival

hi I have a flight booked from pbi to isp end of may,  I see southwest has cancelled all but one flight from pbi to Baltimore to isp  I am concerned the flight would be crowded since its the only flight.  southwest wont reveal any information  does anyone know how I can find out.  don't want to sit on a crowded flight


Re: how booked a future flight it

Top Contributor

You could search 8 people and if it says sold out then it is a sold out or almost sold out flight. 


You might be able to ask Southwest on Facebook or Twitter how full a flight is a day or 2 before but not sure what info they could provide and keep in mind passengers book and cancel all the time so it could be full now and empty then or empty now and full when you get to the airport.