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wifi on plane.

New Arrival

I have been a loyal Southwest flyer for many years.  I aveage 30-40 flights a year.

The wifi on the planes are so incredibly unreliable that unless something changes soon I will have no choice but to start flying United or someone else.


I dont understand why other airlines have a much more reliable/faster connection.  Southwest's wifi is beyond slow.  In addtion I believe VPN traffic is being blocked.   In todays world i cannot afford to be down for hours while i am in the sky.

My question is when specifically will this be addressed?  I can't be the only one that has reached their breaking point around this.




Re: wifi on plane.

Active Member

I've flown United quite a bit and can tell you that their wifi is just as unreliable. Based on my own personal experience, inflight wifi seems to be hit-or-miss regardless of airline.

You are obviously free to choose who you fly with, but personally, I'd stick with Southwest.