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Former Employee W2 Form Information


I am a former Employee, and I need to access my W2 Form. 



Hello former Employee! While you’re waiting for the snail mail, you may try this:

On a NON-Apple product, visit

1) Enter 15275 for the Company Code

2) Enter your Employee number including the lower case “e” (ex. e12345) for your ID

3) Click "reset pin"

4) Follow the prompts to reset your log in and verify your identity

Once you get to the home page, navigate to "My Account", and scroll about half down the page. Click both the W2 and 1095c boxes and select “receive online.” Complete all prompts and acknowledgements.  

Next, you will be taken to the Equifax main page. Select the Tax Forms button (located just above my account) and your 2018 forms should be available for download.  


If you do not see your 2018 W-2 available on the main page, you are not set up for online.


1) Navigate to "My Account," and scroll to delivery options

2) Click the two red boxes

3) Click the box to the right to to receive your forms online

4) Consent and verify your home address and email address

5) Submit and confirm 

6) Retrieve forms

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