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How can my iPhone help store info for frequently booked travelers?

We know it can be tedious booking for the same travelers over and over. While we do not currently have a way to store traveler information for booking, your phone can help mitigate some of the frustration with its Text Replacement feature.  You can set up a quick code like “$pass-port” and then your phone will automatically replace that code with your stored info like your passport number or your known traveler number.


See below how we stored Sarah Turner’s passport information under the code STP.


1. Within a text field, touch and hold globe icon.png.


2. Slide to Keyboard Settings.

text replacement 1.png


3. Select Text Replacement.


text replacement 2.png


4. Select the plus sign in the top right.

text replacement 3.png


5. Add the phrase and text shortcut you want to store.


text replacement 4.png


6. Tap the Save button, and verify it's been added.


text replacement 5.png



Now when you go to type in Sarah’s passport number, simply type the code, and your phone will offer your stored phrase above the keyboard!


text replacement 6.png