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How do I apply for a job at Southwest Airlines?


1. Head to


2. Scroll down to Job categories, and make your selection.


job pic 1.png


3. Scroll down to view all current job positings within your selected category.


job pic 2.png


4. Click on the job you're applying for. 


job pic 3.png


5. If it feels like both the job description and destiny are calling your name, click Apply Now in the top right.


job pic 4.png


6. Submit your email address.


7. Follow the prompts to:

  • Create a candidate profile
  • Answer candidate questions
  • Answer voluntary information for equal employment opportunity
  • Answer job specific questions
  • Voluntarily self-identify a disability

job pic 5.png


8. When you've finished, complete the process by clicking Update Profile in the lower right-hand corner.


9. You will see a success message, similar to the screenshot below, and you’ll receive an email confirmation.


job pic 6.png


10. Once you submit your resume, we’ll review it in the order it was received. Then, the first step is a telephone interview. An in-person interview would follow if you advance in the process. In-person interviews are conducted by our Recruiters. If you’re selected, a federal background check and drug test are required. We intentionally spend an inordinate amount of time on our hiring process to ensure we hire the best candidate, whose values are in sync with our organization. Thanks for your patience as we carefully select the newest members of our Southwest Family!


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