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How to Tell if a Promotion or Contest is Real


Dreaming of a vacation and found a contest that’s giving one away for free? Before sharing or filling out your personal information in hopes of winning a getaway, check out these pointers to double check that the promotion or contest is actually affiliated with Southwest Airlines and not fraudulent.


1. We’ll highlight the promotion or contest on our official website


For official promotions or contests, we’ll advertise it on It will typically be a sub-page of our website, but will always be listed at the front of the URL.


2. The promotion or contest may be offered through our friends at Southwest Vacations


Our Partners at Southwest Vacations will occasionally offer different promotions or contests of their own and will advertise it on Just like with our website, the contest will typically be a sub-page of the main Southwest Vacations website.


3. We’ll advertise the promotion or contest on our official social media channels


We want to share the fun with all of our followers on social media, so we’ll typically post about promotions or contests there too. You’ll be able to tell if the social media page is owned by us because we’ll have a little blue check mark next to our name, which confirms that we’re verified.


On Facebook



On Twitter



On Instagram



4. We’ll mention the promotion or contest here on The Southwest Community


If we’re trying to get the word out about a big promotion or contest, we’ll periodically write an article about it here to alert our loyal Community Members!


5. We'll send an email to our Rapid Rewards Members


If our Members are enrolled in the Southwest In A Nutshell emails, we may notify you of a promotion or a contest here as well. To confirm if you are subscribed, log into your account on and navigate to the Communication section under “My Preferences”. You’ll be able to subscribe there if you aren’t already.


Of course, if you ever have any questions about if a promotion or contest is legitimate, feel free to reach out to us! You can find all of the different avenues to contact us here.