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Making Changes to a Rescheduled Flight

To accommodate our current travel demand, it is possible Customers may receive a revision to their upcoming itineraries. We’re here to help you if you need assistance rebooking a flight that was impacteby a scheduled revision.   


How I am notified if my itinerary is revised?  

If your reservation is revised automatically, you will receive a notification email to your preferred email on your itinerary.  This email will show the new time of your revised flights in red with the original itinerary listed below. 


What if my flight isn’t able to be automatically rebooked?  

There are times when your flight cannot be rebooked automatically (service isn’t available, there is a misconnection, time overlaps, etc.). If this is the case you will not be contacted by email, and your reservation will be revised manually. You’ll be contacted by phone from our Customer Services and Support Team to discuss possible options for rescheduling.   


Who do I contact if I have rebooking questions, or conflicts with my revised itinerary 

As always, if you have any questions about the flights you were rescheduled to, feel free to reach out via direct message (DM) on Twitter @Southwestair or Facebook private message us, which is the fastest way to get you taken care of. If social media isn’t your style, you can find our other contact info here.  

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