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Southwest LUV Voucher FAQs


What is a Southwest LUV Voucher?

A Southwest LUV Voucher is a voucher for a specified amount of future Southwest travel credit. All travel must be completed by the expiration date listed on the voucher.


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Where do I get a Southwest LUV Voucher?

Southwest LUV Vouchers are given to Customers in the airport as a gesture of goodwill on a case by case basis. Customers impacted by unforeseen, lengthy flight delays may receive a Southwest LUV Voucher depending on the reason for the delay.


How do I redeem my Southwest LUV Voucher?

Each LUV Voucher has a 16 digit voucher number and a security code. You can enter these into the booking flow pictured below as a form of payment when making a reservation on 


luv voucher 2.JPG

You can also provide the voucher number and security code to a Southwest Agent if you're booking over the phone.


How long do I have to redeem my voucher?

All travel must be completed by the expiration date listed on the voucher. 


Is there a difference between a Southwest LUV Voucher and travel funds?

Yes. Travel funds are leftover credits from canceled reservations. For example, if you booked a flight for $150 but ended up having to cancel, $150 in funds will be held for future travel by the expiration date (as long as you canceled at least ten minutes before the scheduled departure). You will also receive travel funds if you find a lower fare than you booked, and you rebook at the lower fare. The difference can then be applied toward future airfare. 


For more information on travel funds, check out How to Use Your Travel Funds. 

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