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2019 Promotion question

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I signed up for the 2019 RR CC promotion (30k points & companion pass after $4k spend on the CC. I applied before the 11th, but was traveling when I recieved a letter saying I needed to call Chgase to verify that this was me and that I applied for the CC. I wasn't able to call until the 10th and was approved over the phone. I didn't recieve my email until the next day, and I didn;'t recieve my card until yesterday. There is no info in any of the paperwork about the 30k points (I don't see them in my RR account) and no info about the $k spend or the companion pass. I am getting ready to spend the $4k today, can I assume the points and companion pass will follow automatically (I know it will take some time as I have read), or do I need to take any action before spending the $4k?




Re: 2019 Promotion question

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This is a question Chase will have to answer to be 100% sure.


If you got everything complete and were approved before the cut-off date for the promo, my assumption would be that you will be good as long as you meet the spend requirements.  I can't remember what info the last SW Chase I applied for had in it as far the promo was concerned.


Dial up Chase as ask them, and good luck!!

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