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40,000 Bonus Points

New Arrival

I signed up in the beginning of September. I already spent the required $1000 in order to receive the 40,000 bonus points. I am waiting for my first billing cycle to see if the points roll over. I'll let you all know how this progresses. I'm very excited! 


Re: 40,000 Bonus Points

New Arrival

Alright so, on October 9th my first billing cycle they rewarded me the points. 7 business days later they were in my rapid rewards account and now ready to use. I have accumulated a little more points than the initial 40,000 which is cool! I had a very easy going experience using this card. 

Re: 40,000 Bonus Points

Top Contributor

Thanks for letting everyone know that the process worked as it should have worked.


Now go out and enjoy your points!