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A List 2022 Still Not Updated

Explorer C

I few the 4 qualifying segments to have my A List status renewed for 2022 per the promotion. It’s been 6 weeks now since the final leg was flown. Multiple calls and an email, with reps telling me I should qualify and my account still hasn’t been updated. I only have one more rt in ‘21. I’d have to change a points ticket to a pricey business class fare to get qualifying points based on what my account currently shows. I don’t know if I should or if these are across the board delays. It’s frustrating to have an A List rep call me back and tell me I’ve qualified and still see no update 2 weeks after the call.


Re: A List 2022 Still Not Updated

Aviator A

If I were you, I'd send SW an e-mail.


Ask your question and provide date, confirmation # and flight number of your 4 flights.


Did you change any of the 4 after making the initial reservation?

Re: A List 2022 Still Not Updated

Explorer C

When you log into your RR account, click on "My Account" (top-right navigation bar), then scroll down to "My Rapid Rewards" (right side) and look under "A-List". What date does it show for "Earned Thru"? I applied for the same promo and also flew 4 qual flight segments and it updated a couple weeks ago to Earned thru Dec 31, 22.  I missed this the first few times I checked my 2022 status...