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A-List Preferred Stand-by

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How do the rules apply for flying stand by on later flights the same day, instead of taking an earlier flight the same day?  


Re: A-List Preferred Stand-by

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I don't think they do, that would be treated as a rebooking to take a later flight.


I think the logistics are difficult for any airline to do this since you can't standby for that flight, because your original flight will already be gone, they only treat this as a firm change.







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Re: A-List Preferred Stand-by

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If you make the change in advance, it is not covered by the new A-List free standby policy -- you'll pay the fare difference.


If you show up at the airport within 2 hours following your scheduled departure, most carriers will accommodate you on the next available flight for no additional cost. This is referred to as the unofficial "flat tire rule."