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A-List promo of March 2021

Explorer C

The terms & conditions for the current targeted promo for comped A-List, valid through 06.30.2021, has the oft-used condition that registration must occur prior to booking of flights.  A CSR indicated during a phone conversation that the promotional status will be valid on travel booked prior to registration, as well.


With demand and fares increasing, rebooking will most likely result in higher fares, if prior registration actually is required.


Does anyone have any definitive info with regard to the current A-List promo and the requirement that reservations be made following registration?




Re: A-List promo of March 2021

Aviator A

Most southwest promotions require a member to register then book then travel however with this promotion I noticed when I registered another family member the A List status showed up instantly on their account. The terms of the offer do say this: During the Promotional Time Period you will not receive an A-List card, but you will receive all A-List status benefits on all flights booked after registering when you provide your Rapid Rewards account number in your reservation. Valid on new reservations booked and flown within the Promotional Time Period only. so it acts like you would need to register book then travel however since the status shows up instantly I’m not sure if it will auto check in older reservations. 



Re: A-List promo of March 2021

Adventurer B

I received the promo and was able to take advantage of it even though I had my flights previously booked. Just make sure you register.