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Auto-Create My Community Account

New Arrival

When I click from the regular site as a known user (logged) in, over to the community for the first time, don't make me set up another account. Just auto-provision my account with the information you already know about me.

Too much friction.


Also when looking for a "Select Location" option for this experience feedback none of the options presented to me were relevant. You need a basic website/app feedback as an option.


Also "Select Location" makes no sense in any context. Should be select "Topic Category" or something similar. Not "location".


Re: Auto-Create My Community Account


Thanks so much for your feedback, @adamdoti. We can't promise to deliver single sign-on right now as The Community and are separate entities. The personal information associated with your Rapid Rewards account is not required to participate in the Community. As such, there are many privacy and security considerations. Regardless, we understand where you're coming from and think it's a great idea. 


The Community is primarily a peer-to-peer support forum, so if you'd like a response from Southwest Airlines pertaining to a booking/travel/policy experience you had, please reach out via any of the Contact Us options in the link at the bottom-left of the page.


That said, we welcome your feedback related to the Community here! Can you please provide a little more information about the location questions you're asking? I want to make sure I understand. Thank you!

Community Manager

Re: Auto-Create My Community Account

New Arrival

Thank you