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Bonus points

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I received my first credit card statement. I spent more than $1,000. 10,000 welcome points were transferred to my Rapids Rewards account, not the 40,000 I was supposed to get. Are welcome points different than bonus points?


Re: Bonus points

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Hi @Coloradoz,


It may be that you signed up for the Chase offer of 10,000 bonus points and a $200 credit card statement credit. That offer is available only through the booking path at You should reach out to Chase Visa as soon as possible to identify your enrollment offer and inquire if Chase will honor the other offer of 40,000 points. 


Re: Bonus points

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This exact same bait/switch on the part of Chase has happened to me.  How can I find out exactly what I signed up for and how I signed up? None of the materials sent to me by Chase or Southwest clarify anything. I applied for the card in July 2017. I spent the $1000 required in the first 30 days. I also had my new card used fraudulently so it was cancelled and a new card issued. Could that have anything to do with it? I did receive a $200 credit on my bill so what you're describing fits however - I never saw anything about 10,000 points and a $500 spend requirement...only the 40,000 points and the $1,000 spend requirement. Southwest says it's Chase's problem. Chase says I will never get the 30,000 points I feel they owe me. Thanks ~

Re: Bonus points

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Same thing happened with me I answered the advertisement to get the premier card I got it and spent the amount required in the time frame required. I contacted Chase and they said I was only eligible for 1500 points not the 40,000 they advertised. No I did not have “this” card I had a different Chase card rewards. , no I did not have a bonus reward in the past 24 months. Etc... etc... I got the premier card and agreed to pay the higher annual membership fee because I was to receive 40000 reward points. After many emails and attaching the advertisement I answered to JPMorgan Chase and emailing several times with Southwest. There is no solution to date. Chase is not helping me just keep getting that I was only eligible for 1500 reward points. Southwest has yet to answer , except to say I can call the help desk. I should not have to do this . I have been a loyal customer to both for many years and never was late with anything. Now I am being treated as if I don’t matter and that my business with them doesn’t matter

Re: Bonus points

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I did not receive the promotional 40,000 point I applied for and waited... for months because I just didn't think of it.

When it became apparent that nothing was happening I first I emailed Southwest 2 days ago. They replied via email


"Thank you for contacting us regarding your bonus earned through your Rapid Rewards Credit Card from Chase.  

We contacted Chase on your behalf, and we were advised that the promotion you received offered 10,000 bonus points and $200 credit on your monthly Visa account statement. According to our records, 10,000 points posted to your member account on March 2. We apologize for any disappointment this may cause you. For additional questions or concerns regarding your promotional offer, please contact Chase directly at 1-800-792-0001.

We truly value your patronage of Southwest Airlines and your participation in our Rapid Rewards program. We look forward to our next opportunity to welcome you onboard!


Erica Lopez, Southwest Airlines

The file reference number for your email is 2263930603567."



So I called Chase today because well... yes I am disappointed. I spoke to a lady in their call center - I couldn't understand what they were saying not because the accent, but because it wasn't making any sense. They said if I wanted the 40k bonus point offer I would have had to call back within the 90 day period of signing up for the card to ask them to switch it to a promotional offer. Basically she said too bad its been past the time we could help you.

I asked to be transfered to a supervisor and spoke with Priscilla in the Supervisor division at chase about this. I asked whether this is commonplace and she agreed this happens (why???!?) and when I asked why she said she wasn't sure but sometimes an online link get attached to a different promotion (I have 5 Chase cards and have only issues with this ones points).

I was certain the offer I signed up for and kept asking why I wasn't receiving my points even after meeting and exceeding the requirements of $1000 spending in 3 months which they agreed was the offer at the time. I spent nearly $5000 in 3 months and only received the Welcome Bonus points of 10,000 on our very first statement... no points from promotions posted after that and we've had the card for 8 months now.

The supervisor noted my account and said she would forward it to a "backend team" who would "research it" and she noted to appply 30k point difference onto my account and remove the $200 credit (which I assume would mean I would owe $200). She said that Chase would call and confirm the outcome in the next few days. When asked for a reference number for the call she said the date is the reference and everything is noted. When asked for an employee number she did not have one. Not sure if this is normal, but seems out of the norm from a customer service point-of-view. I will update when I find out what happens next. If it isn't resolved I will cancel my card and submit a formal complait against consumer abuse with the 


IMAGES attached show southest website RR points and the 1st statement from Chase


Screen Shot 2018-09-25 at 12.21.38 PM.pngScreen Shot 2018-09-25 at 12.23.30 PM.png

Re: Bonus points

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The problem seems to be that Chase was offering two DIFFERENT promotions at the same time.


One offered 10000 points and a $200 statement credit, while the other offered 40000 points.


You are not the first person to be confused by the situation. 


Maybe Chase should only offer one deal at a time in the future... 


That being said, since it is a Chase promotion, only Chase can fix the problem.  Hope the company treats you right. Good luck


Edit ad: Since Chase is trying to find a way to get you the 30000 points, it would seem that it would also try to get the $200 back from you, since the 40000 point offer does not provide cash back as part of that deal.  And yes, 30000 points is worth more than $200.