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Business Rapid Rewards Account

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My job has me traveling a lot, but they will not allow me to use my points for personal use. Can I create two accounts for myself- one for my work travel and one for my personal travel?


Re: Business Rapid Rewards Account

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Hi Kaylat413,


The Rapid Rewards Program is designed for each Customer to have one account. I can imagine that it would be frustrating to accumulate points that you cannot use for leisure travel. Does anyone else in the Community have a similar situation? How have you handled it?



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Re: Business Rapid Rewards Account

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In my experience, I have never found a way to put two accounts. I can only imagine how awful it must be to earn points but not be able to use them. I know some other airlines (American comes to mind) have a way to enter a business number and a personal, though the business number must be a registered business account. Anyhow, I don't know of another way.

Re: Business Rapid Rewards Account

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Are you able to use whatever status you earn, or is it all strictly for the business?



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Re: Business Rapid Rewards Account

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Im a little confused!  You should have your own Rapid Rewards account and your company should have their own.   The person flying the flight gets the points for flying that flight regardless of who pays for the ticket.   Your company may purchase the ticket which they are entitled to all the points for that.  When you fly the flight, those points are yours.  I my opinion your company can't take your points.  Good luck!