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Buying Point and Reserving Flight

Explorer C

spent over 2 hours on the phone because the customer service rep who tried so hard to reserve a flight for me but every credit card I gave her would not go through.   I tried on my end too.  Credit cards (And debit cards) that were perfectly good.


Called the "Corporate" customer service. They also were not able to help.  My checking account has 4 pending charges and my credit card has 9 pending charges from Southwest.  But Southwest couldnt help me book my flight with points or help me with a discount on my flight knowing there was an issue with their own system.


I offered to screen shot the charges but they refused to help.    When I asked to speak to a manager, they stated they were a supervisor and the highest I could go...and refused to do anything for me except give me a Reference #.


I used to love Southwest but I am so done.   


Re: Buying Point and Reserving Flight

Aviator A

First of ll, all those pending charges will evaporate when SW does not confirm the validity of the charges. That only happens when SW actully issues a ticket.


I have never hear of a situation like yours. I can only suggest that you try again later.

Re: Buying Point and Reserving Flight

Aviator A

Why didn't you try booking the flight online? And I'm confused: were you trying to book the flight with points, or with a credit card? Assuming with points, and assuming you had enough points to cover the flight, you would only need your CC to pay the $5.60 security fee. I also don't understand how you can have 4 pending charges and 9 pending charges. Wouldn't they all be from Southwest? So 13 pending charges of $5.60? Something isn't adding up here - so you are telling us that they tried to charge your card 13 different times to pay for a flight?