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Cannot Redeem Rapid Rewards, Sign in issue

New Arrival

so I have around 10k points and I would like to redeem them but I am having a nightmare here trying to do so.... This is what I am experiencing on multiple browsers and pc's:


  1. I login into using my account
  2. I go to the "rapids rewards" link (top right)
  3. I click on "Manage Account" on the left
  4. I click on "Redeem Points", this takes me to another website called
  5. I select two 5k point gift cards
  6. I attempt to add these gift cards to my shopping bag, I get a message saying that I am not logged in.
  7. I click the "Sign in Here" button on this message and that takes be back to where I am currently logged in.
  8. I keep going to #2 on this list and all same thing happens, I have cookies enabled for this website, I am also experiencing the same issues on firefox, chrome, IE11 and chrome app from the iphone 6.


Is RapidRewards a scam? I am guessing they make it very complicated so that users dont redeem anything.. 


Re: Cannot Redeem Rapid Rewards, Sign in issue

Top Contributor

Do you have the Rapid Rewards Visa card by Chase? Using points to purchase gift cards through More Rewards is only available to Southwest credit card holders.