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Cannot check in to my SWA account or app from outside the USA

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I prefer to fly Southwest in the USA, and I am a proud Rapid Rewards customer. I do however live in The Netherlands, Europe. When in Europe, I am denied access to the Southwest app on my phone with the message that I am not connected to the Internet.  Also, I am denied acces to my Southwest computer account, with the following message:


Access Denied. You don't have permission to access {a southwest link} on this server. Reference #{a number}


In the USA I can access both the app and the computer account as normal. Unfortunately the above makes it impossible to book flights from Europe. Can anyone help me finding a solution for this? I am sick of flying United Airlines...


Re: Cannot check in to my SWA account or app from outside the USA

Top Contributor

Unfortunetly this is "normal" behavior, Southwest appears to be blocking some international traffic to their servers and has been doing this for quite some time so I don't expect it will start working any time soon.  My suggestion would be to use VPN software/app which would make it appear as if your computer/phone was located in the US.



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