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Change username on Rapid Rewards Account?

Explorer C

I set up rapid rewards accounts for my children, but I need to change the username on one of the accounts. How can I do that?


Re: Change username on Rapid Rewards Account?

Adventurer A

Hi @Momma3m2j,


I did some searching on this and while you cannot change your username from the account settings online, a phone call to the Rapid Rewards customer service team might help you accomplish what you need. From a post on another travel forum (albeit four years ago) I see that a customer was able to call Customer Service, have them delete the online account for the RR account and then the user was able to create a new one. I'm not sure if that's still a possibility, but you could always give it a try!


Southwest Airlines Rapid Rewards
P.O. Box 36657
Dallas, TX  75235
1-800-445-5764 for Rapid Rewards Automated Service

Re: Change username on Rapid Rewards Account?

Explorer C

Yes, you can not change the user name at all but you can retrieve it by login in to your account on you your desktop not your smartphone, once you logged in on your desktop scroll down and you will see My Preferences under that tab click on personal then click on the security and you will see your user name on the left side. You can also change your security questions here by clicking on Edit and save when you are done.

Re: Change username on Rapid Rewards Account?

Explorer C

I wanted to update my username as well when I updated the rest of my account settings to current and when I called Southwest customer service, I was told that once you establish an account it cannot be changed.  Even if you change your legal name, "legal" paperwork must be filed with them to make official changes to your account.  Pretty much, your password, address, and email is as far as you can go to update your information.  Additionally, your account will NEVER be deleted; therefore, you can't just close your account and create a new one.  Really cruddy if you ask me. You shouldn't be locked into a rewards program forever with no ability to manage it.  Guess a word of advice is......"Choose wisely".

Re: Change username on Rapid Rewards Account?

Explorer C

This is actually easy (though there are no clear instructions for it). Go to My Account, then View My Preferences, then change your "preferred first name" and save.  And voila that is now your user name. It worked for me. Woman Happy

Re: Change username on Rapid Rewards Account?

Explorer C

You are misunderstanding.  This is not about changing your preferred name for SW to say Hi to, (pretty worthless).  This is about changing your username associated with the account.  That you can't do.  Apparently, SW is using some very antiquated software, because this is just a very stupid system.  There should be a unique number associated with the account and the username should be changeable. Just a sign they are too cheap to upgrade their software.

Re: Change username on Rapid Rewards Account?

Aviator A



I dont think its possible to change your username online. You could try reaching out to customer relations at 855-234-4654 and maybe they have a way to delete out your username so you can create a new one. I did see a post on flyer talk a couple years a go where they were able to do it (not sure if it is still possible) 


If you know your rapid rewards number you can use that to log in as well with the current account password 


Hope this helps!