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Changing RR number on RRcard

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My husband is the primary cardholder for our new RR Visa card. I am an authorized user. I have a previous rapid rewards number, and he did not. It seems they created him a new RR account when we applied. However, I am a travel agent and I travel more than him, and already have an established account.  Is there a way to swap the rapid rewards account numbers, so that my established account can get the points/rewards/companion pass that comes along with the visa? Chase has told me different things. 

Thank you all so much!!


Re: Changing RR number on RRcard

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Points go to the primary card holder. If you want the points to go to your account you will need to apply for your own card as the primary card holder.



Re: Changing RR number on RRcard

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Yo ur husband can use points to by a anyone a ticket. So you'll indirectly have access to the


Re: Changing RR number on RRcard

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The key here is:


1.  Points earned on the credit card are redeemable for anyone, and are credit towards a companion pass for the person linked to the account.   The companion can be anyone else other than the card holder. 


2.  Points earned flying are useful also towards A-list.


So someone who is flying a lot is better to be the card holder, so the companion is not losing the opportunity to earn A- list credit by flying free. 


It sounds like you are the one flying, so if Chase won't swap you over, you should get a new card.   


My wife and I have the same issue.   She has her own card,  and is a card holder on mine.   It makes a bit more sense to use my card, so I can earn a CP next year.   But beyond that, either of us can use our points to fly one another or anyone else.  


Since I'm preferred,  I don't use points for my own flights.