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Chase Customer Service failures

Explorer C

I applied for the Rapid Rewards VISA card that offered $200.00 off my flight and points.  When it wasn’t instantly approved I contacted Chase Credit.  I advised that I was trying to book a flight and needed to know why the card wasn’t instantly approved.  The representative was unable to tell me anything except that the card was being approved at the time we were speaking.  But…I would have to wait for the card to be mailed to me to get the account number.  She couldn’t tell me why my application had been pulled for further review.  I hung up and contacted Experian credit bureau.  They were able to review my credit records and I already knew through my own review that my FICO score was between 825 and 850.  We don’t have any other credit card balances.  I called Chase again and spoke with a credit supervisor.  This rep told me that the application being pulled for review was a random thing based on the Patriot Act.  HUH????  He said he couldn’t provide the account number, but agreed to overnight the card to me.  Southwest was kind enough to to hold my reservations for 24 hours and agreed to withhold payment processing until I received the card.  48 hours later, I don’t have the card. I went ahead and booked and paid the fare with my debit card.  Now I’m getting a useless credit card based on their false advertising.  I don’t put this on Southwest.  They were as accommodating as they could be.  However, they need to be aware of the process in dealing with Chase.  BEWARE before you apply.  


Re: Chase Customer Service failures

Aviator A

I'm glad you recognize Southwest has nothing to do with any of this.  Good luck with Chase



Re: Chase Customer Service failures

Aviator A

Sorry to hear that Chase disappointed you.


Yeah you didn't get to use the card to buy the SW ticket, but I don't understand why this is a big deal .


T&Cs say. you earn $200 after your first purchase. So after you get the card go to 7--11 and buy a slurpee and viola you've got the $200.. Spend $500 in the first 3 months and you get the 10,000 RR points.



Re: Chase Customer Service failures

Aviator A

I don't know much about credit cards but my best guess is that $200 off your flight was never meant to be used "immediately". The $200 could have been a statement credit that's applied to your first billing statement after you make the (full price) flight purchase.