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Chase is less then stellar in terms of customer service

Explorer C

So I received my card in about a week and a half and then learned of the referal program. I encouraged my wife to apply so we could better manage our benefifits using the same Southwest  card. While I got my card quickly, without hassel my wife's application was declined because someone at Chase couldn't confirm the information on the application. 


We called Chase and after about a half hour on the phone and TWO  text messages with validation codes to confirm they were really speaking with us, we finally got an answer. According to Chase, they had called us several days before regarding the application and were told by whoever they spoke with that no application was ever submitted. Well, my wife and I live alone. There woud be no one else in our household tp speak with.


Now the problem begins... they screwed up and they now expected us to clean up the mess and go to a chase branch office, present a drivers license or passport and complete an application there. 


Total BS. If that is how Chase conducts business I will be canceling my card at the first opportunity.  There are other cards, without fees and cash perks which may work just as well or better. A shame because I love Southwest. Just can't work with Chase.


Re: Chase is less then stellar in terms of customer service

Aviator A

@geekest1 It is unfortunate that you had this experience!  Largely, my experience with Chase has been excellent, and I have had four different Chase Rapid Rewards products from Chase over the last several years.


I am not sure whether you were able to get it sorted (since your post never received a reply -- sorry about that), but Chase will have to be your POC since they are providing the product and since this is a customer community for Southwest.  You can reach out to Chase by the methods here.


I hope you will give them a chance because the Chase RR cards are a key part to our overall success and satisfaction with Southwest!


Good luck!


-A List, Companion Pass holder