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Community Coffee Rewards - Fly More When You Buy More

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There is a new way to earn Rapid Reward points through 2/28/2019 - the Community Coffee "Fly More When You Buy More" program - Seems like it is made for me because I like the coffee and like the flights, and I love free points. 


On the Community Coffee Rewards website, one puts in the product code number from  specially marked packages.  After a period of time, that website periodically posts a message saying "Award codes for all product codes submitted through 6/9/2018 have been emailed by Southwest Airlines <> to the email address that was used to register for this program.  Please look in your inbox, junk folder and spam folder for an email from Southwest Airlines <> which contains your Award Code."  Note that the dates would vary and one should check the official terms and conditions rather than rely on this discussion post.  That website says please allow 6-8 weeks following the end of the Redemption Period to receive Reward(s).


Last year, it worked well for me. The email came with the certificate number very quickly after entering the product codes. I went to and put in the certificate number and the points were posted to my account. 


This year, I have not yet received the email even though it was sent in early June but it hasn't been 8 weeks, so I will be patient.  I figured normally 30 days processing time, but it is now past that.  Once the email is received and the certificate number is entered, this website SouthWestClaimFAQ  says typically 72 hours will lapse from the time the certificate was entered until the points are posted.


Happy sipping and happy flying! 

(Note that some discussion board posters dislike the odor of coffee on the plane, so I personally try to java up before boarding or wait until after landing, but everyone has to make their own choices on that issue.)


Re: Community Coffee Rewards - Fly More When You Buy More

Retired Community Manager

Awesome, thanks for sharing this promo @CareforNOLA!