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Companion Pass -- 1 seat left

New Arrival

Hello! Sorry if this has been answered before but if I buy a flight that says "1 seat left", am I still able to add a companion to that flight after I buy?


Re: Companion Pass -- 1 seat left

Rising Star

Does it say one seat left for just the Wanna Get Away fare? If so and there are full fare seats left, you are good and will be to add the companion as well. 


If not and there is truly only one seat left available to book, I would call to book, and the agent will be able to tell you!


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Re: Companion Pass -- 1 seat left

Top Contributor

Additionally, if a WGA fare says 1 seat left that is probably just at that fare and after that 1 is sold there will most likely still be WGA fares available at a slightly higher price.  1 left on Business Select fare is a different story and more likely to indicate flight is selling out.  Even if it sells out there are often last minute cancellations that would allow you to add your companion to the flight within 24 hours of departure.  Southwest's no fee change policy means people often make changes, freeing up seats close to departure.