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Re: Companion Pass BUT NO A-List?

Aviator A

@ChaseColeman wrote:


Floridaguy, when did you get a  second userid?

Re: Companion Pass BUT NO A-List?

Adventurer B

To be fair to Mr. Coleman, I’d probably have made the same assumption—a point is a point is a point, and I’ve reached the caps, so what gives? (I don’t have an SWA credit card and have always earned all my Companion Passes up in the air.)


But that’s not the case of course, a point isn’t always a point: my points bump for being A-List doesn’t count towards qualifying my Companion Pass for instance (perhaps ironically in this case).


Frankly I kinda like it—A-List benefits like boarding should be reserved for the frequent customers of the airline, not a bank’s credit card. The Companion Pass is a terrific reward as-is.