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Companion Pass Credit Card Earning Deadline

Aviator A

Many of us use Rapid Rewards points to make it to Companion Pass with Southwest Air. Even though this year’s CP has been extended into half of next year, it is worth noting that for next year’s qualification, if you use points earned with a Chase RR credit card, the deadline for those points counting is the day in December when your statement comes out. 

This means that some points earned in December (after the s statement date in Dec.) will not count in this year for qualification for a 2021 CP. “For example, if your December statement closes on December 16, points for purchases posted to your statements made after that date will not count toward qualifying points for the year.”


I share this as a friendly reminder to plan ahead! Good luck!


More here at Chase.


-A List, Companion Pass holder

Re: Companion Pass Credit Card Earning Deadline

Aviator C

Great information.  I've already moved my statement due date to around the 24th of each month, so now it looks like I need to move it to the 28th.  I'm assuming that it will still be added although after the new year.  (Normally takes a few days to see in my points after the billing cycle date)   That's an easy fix if you just request Chase to move your billing date to later in the month, they do that in less than a minute.  And normally, December is a big points month for me with Christmas.  Thanks for the heads up.