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Companion Pass Credit Card Points

Explorer C

Good Day,


I've reached Companion Pass status and I know it is good through 2021.  My question is, since points recent at end of year, would anything I earn on my Rapid Rewards credit card for the remainder of this year (2020) be a waste.  If so, I would hold off activity on that card until January, so it would count towards 2021 points.




Re: Companion Pass Credit Card Points

Aviator C

Yes, it's a waste with respect to gaining companion pass status.   But it's still points, useful for purchasing flights. 

Re: Companion Pass Credit Card Points

Aviator A

It just depends on what your goals are. The Southwest credit card is still a great way to earn Rapid Rewards points and even some A-List qualifying points. If you only care about CP then you are done for the year. 



Re: Companion Pass Credit Card Points

Aviator C



As mentioned, if you're end goal is CP, you're done.  If you haven't gotten A-List, which I think you would since it's fewer points, maybe shoot for A-List Plus which I'm doing, but don't think I will make.  Here is what I've done the past years, once I have the CP, and A-List, I don't go chase the A-List plus anymore as I've never got it.  What I do have is a United Airlines, Choice Hotels, and Wyndham Hotels card, which I start using to build up those points.  It's been nice when my sweetheart and I fly for the price of one and also have free hotels at the same time.  (And if you still keep using the SWA card) you could use points and both fly for free and then get free rooms.  It's not Rocket Science, but this reward thing I've been doing fairly well with for the past 10 years.