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Companion Pass Deadline for Refer-a-Friend

Explorer C

I convinced a family member to apply for a SW Rapid Rewards CC so that I can get the final points needed to keep companion pass for 2023, and she was accepted right away.  Online I found that it can take 6-8 weeks for the points to post.  I see that for credit card earnings, the post date is the final date to earn for the month (mine has already happened), but I can't find anything specifically about a refer-a-friend bonus.  I need these to post for 2022, not 2023.  Any ideas?


Re: Companion Pass Deadline for Refer-a-Friend

Aviator A

Sorry, this late in the month I don't see how referrals will count towards 2022 earnings.  Chase determines when you earn these points and I have not heard of them posting immediately.  You may want to look at other options such as hotels, flowers, shopping, and dining, all things that should qualify for 2022 points.  You can find more info in the Additional Partner Activity that does count toward Companion Pass section here:



Re: Companion Pass Deadline for Refer-a-Friend

Aviator A

Remember activities need to be completed in 2022 to counts towards 2022 CP


hotel checked out

rent car returned

flowers bought

meals bought ,etc


These activities would earn 2022 points even though you won't see the points until 2023

Re: Companion Pass Deadline for Refer-a-Friend

Explorer C

your referral points post to your credit card statement and then a few days later to your rapid rewards account. If your last statement of the year has already passed, they will not post in 2022. For future, you can change your statement date to a later dat but if you do I would allow enough time after statement to post to RR. It would just give you the max opportunity in that last month. I was in the same boat at my last statement. I didn’t realize it was in reach until it was too late. 
consider this the start of your goal for next year