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Companion Pass Extension

Explorer B

I just spoke to a customer service rep at 1-855-234-4654 Option 5.   I asked about the companion pass.  I just recently qualified for a companion pass for 2021.  On the app it says " Designate one lucky person  of your choice to fly with you anytime for a year".   


Companion passes were extended to everyone who had one in 2020 until June of 2021.   To me anyone who qualifies for a companion pass in 2021 should get the pass for 1 year having it expire June of 2022.   If they do not do this they are rewarding many people who may of gotten a companion pass in 2020 due to signing up for a card and getting bonus points.   I feel that I have spent a lot of money on my southwest card, and have continued to fly Southwest during Covid.


The customer service Rep agreed with me and said her department records all concerns like this and forwards it to the CEO.  She also told me that if more people would call with the same concern that we would have a better chance of them making the exception to our 2021 Companion passes.

I don't think we are asking for anything free here.  I feel that by spending that much money and flying southwest we should get our pass for a year like the site states.   I encourage others to call in with the same concern


Re: Companion Pass Extension

Aviator A

Double post, no need to start a new thread with the exact same subject.  You can view my response here: