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Companion Pass Marketing - Not Transparent

Explorer C

We know Southwest values transparency, but we do not feel like they have been transparent with us. We signed up for the Southwest credit card in Oct 2017 and were told that if we earn 110,000 companion points in a calendar year (2018), my wife and I would receive the companion pass for 2019.


We have made many efforts to achieve this goal and were very excited to earn 110,000 points the other day. However, we just found out that the December 2018 balance we paid does not post until Jan 4th 2019, so we will not be awarded the companion pass. Southwest only gave us 11 of 12 months to earn the companion pass. This feels like a deceiving marketing strategy and does not foster loyalty.


Re: Companion Pass Marketing - Not Transparent

Aviator A

Re: Companion Pass Marketing - Not Transparent

Aviator A

Sorry you might not get enough points to achienve CP, but Southwest is very transparent in the process. It says points that post to your account in 2018 will count towards a CP you earn in 2018.


It is your responsibility to know when points post.  You've had all this year to know that Chase points post when your statement closes and not when you pay your bill.


Depending on how many points you need to earn CP this year, it might make sense to make one last trip before year end. A $600 business select ticket will earn you a bit more then 6000 points.


Only you can determine how much CP is worth versus how much you might have to spend to earn it.


Also, Chase does give you 12 months of earning capability with it's card -- for the 12 months that had statement closing from 1/2018 thru 12/2018