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Companion Pass Promotion - Hurricane IAN

Explorer C

Hello, we have tickets to Orlando which qualified for the Companion Pass Promotion. The website links/language doesn't clarify if a promotion benefit still applies to a voluntary flight change/extension which is fully authorized in the case of Force Majeure. I understand the promo is forfeit if voluntary change in under normal circumstances but does anyone have reference to any guidance for airline allowed changes in special circumstances? Agents read the same sentences I read back to me but are not able to answer if promo might still be valid on a new reservation if we re-book under the IAN guidelines. I have emailed SW and am awaiting reply...thank you!


Re: Companion Pass Promotion - Hurricane IAN

Aviator A

I believe that as  long as you are using the original confirmation number that you should be fine. Travel would still need to be completed within the timeframe of the promotion.