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Companion Pass Question

Explorer C



My question:  hubby earned the Companion Pass earlier this year by opening a Chase CC.  It is active until Feb 2022.  If he were to earn the CP via points in 2021, how long will it be active?

Will it begin Feb 2022 (when the first award ends) and expire in Feb 2023?


Asking for the hubby!




Re: Companion Pass Question

Aviator A

For a regular (non-promotional) Companion Pass, once you earn the required CPQ (Companion Pass Qualifying) points, the Companion Pass you'll receive is valid for the remaining calendar year plus all of the following one.


If you qualify in 2021, the pass will be good from the time you qualify through December 30, 2022.


FYI: One person can't have 2 companion passes, so if it's earned prior to the promo one's expiration in February, you'll still only have one companion pass.

Re: Companion Pass Question

Frequent Flyer B

 @Vetter  Congrats on earning the CP!  I know there are special promotions that go on through the year, but wanted to caution you on the expiration date.  Make sure you verify in your My Account page of the expiration date of the CP.  I had a friend earn it in July of one year and she thought it would expire in July of the next. 


CP dates are typically based on a calendar year (January 1 - December 31).  Qualifying points earned are based on these dates as well.  For future point earning, you would want to know when your credit card statement will post each month, especially for the December posting of points.


Have fun using that CP!  I love this perk!!